Saturday, November 14, 2009

A quick word before we begin...

Subtitled: Wherein I Will Use a Lot of Parentheses

I suppose you could call this a disclaimer. I figure any self-respecting critic (even a recreational one like myself) should at least give a peek into his or her process. Now, I wish there was some John Hollinger-like formula I could give you, something like: (aesthetic merit + entertainment value / times seen) x (Oscars won - Hilary Swank appearances + zombies) / ( MPAA rating + year-end box office rank). But there isn't. Most of those things are taken into account (especially Hilary Swank appearances), but in the end it's simply a matter of what I liked the best. I know, I know -- "How can you compare Bad Boys 2 and Babel? That's like comparing apples and oranges!" Well, I like apples better (and Bad Boys 2). See? It's easy.

The above example is just about movies. Keep in mind that I'll be trying to touch on as many forms of media as possible -- film, music, literature, television, video games, sports, etc. Expect a multitude of Rob Gordon (or Fleming, if you read the book)-like lists, some spanning the entire decade, some spanning a single year therein. Update schedule? There is none -- it's called "Whenever I feel like it," folks. Hope I can finish before the decade ends. Hope you can keep up. And don't be afraid to call me out. Or laud me. I always enjoy a good lauding.

That's it for now. First (actual) post forthcoming.

Disclaimer of the disclaimer: The title of the blog is a freaking pun. I'm pretty sure that means I can get away with anything.


  1. man they just let anyone have a blog these days

  2. you should have done this a long time ago.


  3. You're probably right... but who is Tree??